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Tired All The Time? You Might Be Bored

by Men's Healthy List Staff
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When you feel tired all of the time, you may think it’s because you’ve been working too hard or you’re coming down with something. If boredom is the culprit this pervasive exhaustion may also include a lack of enthusiasm, increased consumption of food, and damaged relationships. When this has gone on for days or months, you may begin wondering what’s bothering you. Here are some specific signs that your issue may be boredom.

  • More Mistakes Than Usual

When you are bored at work or in some other activity, you may find yourself making more mistakes, losing focus, and missing details even though you don’t feel particularly overworked or overwhelmed. These signs signify you are not being challenged enough. Whether your job has become repetitive or your skills are above the level of your current position, when you are bored of your job or life your brain will tune out just to get relief from the sheer exhaustion of being unchallenged. Take heed, change is needed.

  • A Sedentary Life

man watching TV after workWhen boredom has overcome your life, you may turn from an active person to a sedentary person. Though work may not have been challenged at work you may feel exhausted when it ends. After work, you may settle on the couch or your bed and try to rest until the fatigue goes away, but with boredom, this fatigue will not go away. As it becomes even stronger you may stop exercising, hanging out with your friends or volunteering at your favorite charity. You may flip through the channels on your television or read a book, but you are hardly seeing the characters, listening to the dialogue, and you may read the same book for months. Boredom can suck the joy from life and staying at home alone is a great recipe to invite more boredom.

  • Your Relationship Has Become Stale

If a DVD looks more appealing than going out with your partner because you are feeling “too tired”, you may be bored. You and your significant other may have been together for years, but that doesn’t mean your relationship needs to wither. Though you may know each other so well you are a synapse away from sharing a brain, you don’t want to lose sight of that fun, quirky, person you fell in love with. When you get to this stage where a movie seems more interesting, you may want to talk with your significant other. There are many things the two of you can do to rid your relationship of boredom in all of its forms.

  • No Longer Learning

If you cant recall the last time you intentionally learned something new, you are very likely stuck in a rut and living each day on autopilot. With boredom, you may no longer feel any pull from any topic and this lack of desire can extend to decreases in curiosity in your personal life, work, and relationships. To reduce, or even eliminate, this frustrating symptom of boredom you may want to take a class, travel, or learn a new language.

  • man tired at work yawningYawning All Day

Though you have gotten a full night’s sleep, you may find yourself yawning throughout the day. Going through your days disengaged takes a large toll on your mind and body. Without challenges, new experiences, or ideas, your brain is being starved of stimulation and so takes a voluntary timeout. As your brain runs from the never-ending monotony it will tire quicker and constant yawning will be the clear sign that you’re bored and need a new environment.

  • Unable To Recall What You Enjoy

When you have slipped into the pit of boredom, you may lose sight of what you enjoy doing. You may no longer be able to quickly rattle off your favorite music, books, or TV shows. This is a sure sign you have lost touch with your passions.

  • “Nothing” Or “Same Old”

If that has become your response to someone inquiring about your day, boredom has hit you hard. When each day begins to blend into the next, you are missing many days that can be filled with new experiences and curiosity. Taking more interest in your life can include inquiries about your friend’s activities, a new restaurant, or hobby. When you are asked about your day, “nothing” should not be the answer. If you find yourself repeating this answer, it is time for you wake up and find your life again.

  • Losing Track Of Time

While everyone loses track of time, if you find yourself constantly misplacing chunks of time or not knowing how you got somewhere, this may be a sign of boredom. While you are disengaged, your brain may be on autopilot, completing tasks without you. If you drive home from work and don’t recollect any of the drive this is a definite sign of boredom. When you speak to your friend and leave the conversation having no idea what he/she talked about, getting more engaged in your life and your friend’s lives is needed. Finding something you like to ground you back into your life is the first step. Try a few things and monitor your body’s reaction. If you feel a spark of enthusiasm, dig deeper into that activity so that you can get out of this slump.

Throughout our lives, we may rely heavily on our comfort zones. We may fight against having to leave them, but remaining in our bubble of comfort too long can suck away our energy, leaving us shells of ourselves. When you feel as if your emotions have left and you are nothing but a body, it’s time to be honest with yourself and ask the hard questions.

  • Are you exhausted or bored?
  • How can you change your life?

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