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Want to Last Longer in Bed? Try These 7 Simple Tips

by Men's Healthy List Staff
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Just like any other hot guy out there, you might have been wondering what the average length of time sex lasts is. Based on the latest survey, it’s 7.3 minutes excluding the foreplay, which takes an average of 20 minutes. More than 31 percent of the survey’s respondents admitted of having enjoyable sex for 30 minutes while 12.5 percent said they lasted even up to 1 hour. This clearly shows only a handful of guys have sex prowess that makes them the best in bed.

Have you gone nearer or within the 7.3 minutes mark? Unluckily, not all men are able to last up to 7 minutes. There are even those who came as quickly as 2 seconds. This might seem okay for a guy but for his partner, it’s a big NO. Women are naturally wired to warm themselves up a little longer than men. This means coming too quickly could be a source of disappointment for your partner.

Women prefer men who are able to sync with them or allow them to come first. And most of all, women like men who could bring them to their most ecstatic states that could last even to one hour.

If you think this seems impossible, silence your mind. This is very possible when you learn the tricks from those who have done it themselves. Read on and prepare yourself to give your partner the best sex of her life.

  1. Kegel Exercise

This is the best tool that can help you upgrade your sex life to the next level. Kegel exercises are important for women to have better orgasms and during pregnancy for an easy contraction during childbirth. But this exercise is not solely for women but for men too.

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles can help you last in bed even up to four times than you used to. Kegel exercises not only improve your sexual performance but also in your bladder control. If you haven’t tried Kegels before, you need to identify first your pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles you use to stop urination in midstream.

Once you’ve identified these muscles, you can begin by lying down or being in a position where you feel comfortable. Tighten these muscles by holding the contraction for up to 3 seconds and rest for 3 seconds. Repeat the process a few times. Try not to hold your breath while doing the Kegels. For best results, do several repetitions 3 times a day.

  1. Change Your Techniques

seductress kissing man on the floorAccording to experts, doing the same sex techniques over and over again can feel like a routine. The excitement will soon go. You can change your technique by physically changing something in the bedroom. It might be changing the position of the bed or adding some furniture that you can use during sex.

Sex is not all about penetration. You also have to stimulate the mind and do some wise tricks to keep the spark and excitement alive. When you’re both excited, you’re more able to explore each other’s bodies in a fun way and in a longer time.

  1. Aim for Endurance

Countless studies have shown that vegetarians have more endurance compared to meat eaters. Even athletes whose diets are filled with vegetables than meat are found to be more competent and have more stamina.

The same can be applied in bed. You’re burning calories during sex, which means you need to have enough fuel to last longer. If you’re of a meat eater, now is the best time for you to try those fresh greens or healthy smoothies. These nutritious foods can provide you with the energy you need to last longer even up to an hour in bed.

  1. Squeeze It

This technique may seem counterproductive but squeezing your penis as you’re about to come is very effective for you to hit that 7.3-minute mark. Just don’t do it too tightly as to hurt your dick.

Research found that if you squeeze your penis right below the head, it can delay the orgasm from coming too quickly. This works because when pressure is applied to the urethra, the blood that flows to the penis is pushed back a bit. This stops the ejaculation from occurring right away.

If you’re in a position where squeezing your penis looks difficult, you can request your partner to do it for you.

  1. Masturbate for the Right Reason

man reaching down his pantsDo you masturbate frequently? You should be, not to provide yourself pleasure but to learn the technique of controlling your orgasm. Once you’re able to teach yourself the technique of bringing yourself back down when you’re close to orgasm, you can make your sex experiences a whole lot better.

There are a lot of reasons why you masturbate. But this one will totally kickstart your ecstatic sex journey. You can also teach your partner to do the same since this is applicable for both of you.

  1. Try to Numb It

Yep, you have to numb your penis to prevent yourself from coming a little bit quicker. It may be hard for you to contain yourself when you’re too excited, but it’s the only way to do it. Numbing your penis can be the best way to slow things down a bit.

Ask your partner to use ice manipulation, but not to the point of freezing your penis. You can also try condoms that are extra thick. They can provide the same benefit of slowing you down without making you feel numb.

  1. Don’t Focus on Having an Orgasm

According to some sex experts, orgasm is not the end goal. You should try not to focus on having sex just to achieve orgasm. This can prevent you from being totally present during the experience. You might fail to notice the other sensations that are present during sex.

Orgasms make you feel great but to last longer in bed makes your sex life more fulfilling and satisfying. And when your sex life is wonderful, it extends into the other areas of your life. You will gain greater confidence and higher self-esteem.


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