by Michael Douglas

It is a known fact that water is important for your well-being. Here, we are going to highlight why it is important.

The majority percentage of your body weight is made of water and is necessary for certain body functions, like:


  • Flushing waste out from your body.
  • Regulating body temperature
  • Supporting brain function


Most of your water is acquired from drinking beverages. A small amount is gotten from food as well contributing to your recommended daily intake of water.


It aids the production of saliva


Water is a primary constituent of saliva. Saliva involves little amounts of electrolytes, mucus, and enzymes. It is vital for the breakdown of solid foods and maintaining your mouth health.

The human body in general produces sufficient saliva depending on your rate of fluid intake. That means the production of saliva might reduce and maybe because of age or specific medications or therapies.

If the mouth is found drier than it usually is and consuming more water is not hydrating, a visit to the doctor may be needed.


Water regulates your body temperature


Drink Wise

Keeping hydrated is necessary for regulating and maintaining a healthy body temperature. The body excretes water through sweat during physical exercises and when in hot environments.

Sweating maintains the cool of your body, but the temperature will increase if the water you lose is not replaced. That is because when in a state of dehydration, the body loses electrolytes and plasma.

If you experience more sweat than usual, be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.



Water gives protection to your tissues, spinal cord, and joints


Consumption of water helps you reduce friction and cushion your joints, spinal cord, and tissues. This will enable you to enjoy physical exercise and lower the discomfort as a result of complications like arthritis.


Water aids the excretion of waste in the body through perspiration, urination, and defecation


That means the body requires water to sweat, urinate, and have bowel movements.

Sweat improves the regulation of the body temperature when you are working or in warm environments. Your body requires water to provide the fluid that was lost through sweat.

You as well require a sufficient amount of water in your body system to have a healthy stool and prevent constipation.

The kidneys are also quite vital for excreting waste through the process of urination. Sufficient water consumption enables your kidneys to perform efficiently and aids in the prevention of kidney stones.


It aids the physical performance of the body



Drinking a lot of water during physical exercise is important. Athletes may burn up to 6 to 10 percent of body weight while performing a physical exercise. Hydration influences your power, strength, and endurance. You may just be more prone to the influence of dehydration if you are trying a training exercise mainly for endurance reasons or any high-intensity sports such as basketball.

The effects of workout especially in the heat without sufficient water for hydration can develop a severe medical condition, such as extremely low blood pressure and hyperthermia. Worse cases of dehydration could result in seizures and sometimes even death.


It aids the prevention of constipation


The consumption of fiber is not the only method for fighting constipation. It is as well important to manage a constant habit of drinking water so your bowel movements have sufficient water.

If you do not consume sufficient water, fiber, and magnesium, you could be a lot more prone to suffer issues like constipation.

If you have treatment for constipation currently, taking carbonated water along with plain water could assist in eradicating your symptoms.



Water aids digestion


According to experts, you should drink water before a meal, while still eating, and after a meal to assist your body in the easy breaking down of food you consume. Drinking water will aid the digestion of food more productively and acquire nutrients present in your meals.

Recent analysis report reveals that the body can adjust to alterations in food, be it more liquid or more solid.


It aids the body’s nutrient absorption


Along with supporting the breakdown of food, water equally aids in the breakdown of vitamins, minerals, and some other essential nutrients from your food. Therefore, allowing for proper absorption of these vitamins and other nutrients by the body system.


It supports weight loss


Research has associated body fat and losing weight with water drinking in both overweight genders. Taking in more water during a diet or workout might just assist you in your journey to lose extra pounds.

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