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What Counts as Cheating? 5 Different Types You Should Be Aware of

by Men's Healthy List Staff
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If you were to ask our random group of people what their thoughts on cheating was, chances are that you would receive a completely different answer from each person you asked.  This is because our view as to what constitutes infidelity can vary greatly from person to person, and is something we really need to keep in mind when it comes to our relationships.

The difference between what you think constitutes sheeting and what your partner thinks it means can be completely different, and could potentially present you with a serious problem down the line.  Here is some expert advice on common activities that can be viewed as cheating, some of which you may be guilty of doing so yourself.

Being Physically Intimate with Someone Else

Physical infidelity really doesn’t need to be explained, and is an act that the vast majority of us view as cheating.  This type of infidelity of revolves around touching, hugging, kissing, and even having sexual intercourse with another party.

While this type of cheating may seem one that should be easily avoidable in any type of relationship, that isn’t necessarily always the case.

Many people aren’t in a monogamous relationship, and if this is the case for you than things can get really sticky quickly.  If you want in an exclusive relationship than you really shouldn’t have any expectation as to the other party being exclusive with few, although many people seem to expect this.

This issue can become even more complicated in cases where an individual is bisexual, and is looking for a partner that is of the opposite sex of their current one.

Alternately, the best way to approach this is to be as upfront and honest with your partner as possible.  Get this potential problem out of the way early on in your relationship, so you can avoid this potential problem down the road when you are really emotionally attached to your partner.

Emotional Infidelity

woman caught cheating by husband from workEmotional infidelity is where one party is looking for emotional support outside of the relationship. This can be someone just looking for someone they can vent to, or even discussing personal aspects of their relationship with another person.

Many couples run into an issue here because they didn’t talk things out beforehand, as far as where their boundaries are. Some people are going to be absolutely fine with their partner discussing every aspect of their relationship with other people, while other people aren’t going to want to be so open with that information.

With all of this being said, it is important to know that you should be able to reach out to a friend who you can confide in. Being emotionally intimate with other people isn’t necessarily considered to be cheating on its own, however when you do so without the knowledge of your partner it can be easy for them to feel betrayed. The best course of action here is to keep things open and honest with your partner.

Sexual Fantasies

We all have our own sexual fantasies, many of which are completely normal and expected. You can even get your significant other in on your fantasies in many cases, so you shouldn’t necessarily look at fulfilling them as cheating.

This can become a problem when your fantasies become unsafe for you or your partner. This doesn’t necessarily just mean their physical safety, but their emotional safety as well. Confessing your love for your favorite celebrity probably isn’t going to do much damage to your relationship, but mentioning your fantasy about the waitress probably won’t go over well.

Financial Infidelity

Believe it or not, this type of infidelity can have the biggest impact, and has the greatest long-term impact on your relationship. Hiding your money from your partner whether your reasoning is justified or not, is going to really break your partner’s trust if they find out.

You have to also realize that hiding your finances for any reason is going to indicate that you are being unfaithful, as people commonly hide financial information to cover their tracks.

The same idea goes for more minor instances of financial infidelity, such as in the case of saving up for some type of vacation or maybe a major house repair. If they’re having to save while you’re freely blowing money, it certainly isn’t going to go over well.

Secret Social Media Accounts

man sneaking on phone while wife sleepsArguably the easiest way to “cheat” on our loved ones is through social media, as it is literally at our finger tips. The degree to which someone can cheat on their partner in this respect varies greatly as well, as it can be something as simply checking your ex’s facebook profile to actively looking to hookup with someone else.

Even being in your partner’s presence and being on the phone can give them the impression that you’re not interested and looking elsewhere. It is also a good opening for them to grab your phone to check out exactly what you are doing, so make sure to respect those boundaries.

What one person considers to be “social infidelity” can vary greatly from the next, so it is in your best interest to play it safe. Make sure to discuss what is and isn’t ok with your partner before you go off liking all of your ex’s old Instagram photos.

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