Xtreme Nitro – Is it going to work?

Are you searching for the perfect muscle building supplement but having a hard time choosing? Do you wish to save yourself the hassle of researching ingredients that you have never even heard of just to try and find out if a product is going to function in the way that it claims?

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The product:

Claiming to be an ‘Advanced Bodybuilding Agent’ Xtreme Nitro is said to assist with several elements of health and fitness.

You are supposed to feel the benefits of fat loss, strength gain, energy boost, extra muscle pumps and even an increased libido!

Xtreme Nitro states that by providing nitric oxide to the system this will dilate blood vessels which will increase blood flow and therefore allow your muscles to become bigger and fuller. It also promises to ensure a safe and rapid workout recovery.


extreme nitro-ingredients-green teaWithin this product you will find a nice blend of organic extracts including: Green tea, L-arginine, Chromium and Yohimbe. These natural herbs and antioxidants will help you workout with more intensity and keep you focused.

The body needs nitric oxide gas and so precursors like L-arginine will convert into this substance. When it does, the metabolism will improve and reduce any fatty build-up.

L-arginine and Yohimbe are plant-based substances that have been known to improve the sex drive of humans and livestock all over the globe for hundreds of years!


This product is not the cheapest by any means and retails at a high price of $74.95. Fortunately, you can partake in a free trail to find out whether or not this supplement, is indeed, the right one for you!

To conclude:

extreme nitro-conclusion-nauseaWhat is alarming about this particular brand is the lack of online information. There seems to be a mixed response from consumers about whether the formula lasted, there are reports of the free trial being a scam. For all of these reasons I am put off and would rather take my money elsewhere – spending it on a product I can trust!

I would also look for a supplement that does not contain Yohimbe as I would prefer not to endure any nasty side effects.

Biomanix is great for the libido and retails at an amazing price of $59.95 which doesn’t break the bank as much as Xtreme Nitro. It has also been proven to give men extra inches to their penis!

For building muscle I would choose Nitro Genix 365 which is the leading product of supplement brands of today’s market. This is a fair price of only $19.95 and works a treat!